Big Idea 1, Enduring Understanding 1, Thread 2

This is the second thread that falls under the first enduring understanding.

Cognition and reflection are required to appreciate, interpret, and create with artistic intent.

MU.K.C.1.2 Identify various sounds in a piece of music.

MU.1.C.1.2 Respond to music from various sound sources to show awareness of differences in musical ideas.

MU.2.C.1.2 Respond to a piece of music and discuss individual interpretations.

MU.3.C.1.2 Respond to a musical work in a variety of ways and compare individual interpretations.

MU.4.C.1.2 Describe, using correct music vocabulary, what is heard in a specific musical work.

MU.5.C.1.2 Hypothesize and discuss, using correct music vocabulary, the composer’s intent for a specific musical work.


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