Big Idea 1, Enduring Understanding 1, Thread 3

This is the third thread that falls under the first enduring understanding:

Cognition and reflection are required to appreciate, interpret, and create with artistic intent.

MU.K.C.1.3         Identify, visually and aurally, pitched and unpitched classroom instruments.

MU.1.C.1.3         Classify instruments into pitched and unpitched percussion families.

MU.2.C.1.3         Classify unpitched instruments into metals, membranes, shakers, and wooden categories.

MU.3.C.1.3         Identify families of orchestral and band instruments.

MU.4.C.1.3      Classify orchestral and band instruments as strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, or keyboard.

MU.5.C.1.3         Identify, aurally, selected instruments of the band and orchestra.

This is the section where I noticed a change for my curriculum. I traditionally teach the families of the orchestra in second grade.  This makes sense to move it to third if you look at the scaffolding in the previous grades. For instance, one must be able to identify and classify in K and 1, then we add depth in grade 2 so students are prepared to fully understand how the instruments are classified in the third grade.

What are your thoughts?

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