Big Idea 1, Enduring Understanding 2, Threads 1 and 2

I’m going to continue the study of the benchmarks within the enduring understandings under big idea number 1.

Enduring understanding two is: Assessing our own and others’ artistic work, using critical-thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, is central to artistic growth.

Let’s look at the K-5 benchmarks for this understanding.

MU.K.C.2.1      Identify similarities and/or differences in a performance.

MU.1.C.2.1      Identify the similarities and differences between two performances of a familiar song.

MU.2.C.2.1      Identify strengths and needs in classroom performances of familiar songs.

MU.3.C.2.1      Evaluate performances of familiar music using teacher-established criteria.

MU.4.C.2.1      Identify and describe basic music performance techniques to provide a foundation for critiquing one’s self and others.

MU.4.C.2.2      Critique specific techniques in one’s own and others’ performances using teacher-established criteria.

MU.5.C.2.1      Define criteria, using correct music vocabulary, to critique one’s own and others’ performance.

MU.5.C.2.2      Describe changes, using correct music vocabulary, in one’s own and/or others’ performance over time.


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