NGSSS Big Idea Two, Enduring Understanding One

Big Idea Two, Enduring Understanding 1: The arts are inherently experiential and actively engage learners in the processes of creating, interpreting, and responding to art.

 This thread demonstrates how more skills are required as you go up in grade level.


MU.K.S.1.1         Improvise a response to a musical question sung or played by someone else.

 MU.1.S.1.1          Improvise a four-beat response to a musical question sung or played by someone else.

MU.2.S.1.1      Improvise short phrases in response to a given musical question.

MU.3.S.1.1          Improvise rhythms or melodies over ostinati.

MU.4.S.1.1          Improvise phrases, using familiar songs.

MU.5.S.1.1          Improvise rhythmic and melodic phrases to create simple variations on familiar melodies.

MU.1.S.1.2          Create short melodic and rhythmic patterns based on teacher-established guidelines.

MU.2.S.1.2      Create simple ostinati to accompany songs or poems.

MU.3.S.1.2          Create an alternate ending to a familiar song.

MU.4.S.1.2          Create melodic patterns using a variety of sound sources.

MU.5.S.1.2          Compose short vocal or instrumental pieces using a variety of sound sources.

MU.4.S.1.3          Arrange a familiar song for voices or instruments by manipulating form..

MU.5.S.1.3          Arrange a familiar song by manipulating specified aspects of music.

MU.5.S.1.4          Sing or play simple melodic patterns by ear with support from the teacher.

As an Orff Process teacher, I find these benchmarks to be wonderful and easily managed.  We know that the Orff process allows for improvisation and creativity. This thread truly supports what we do in our classrooms and validates the importance of the process.


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