Are you an Artful Teacher?

Characteristics of Artful Teachers

Claudia Cornett,  Creating Meaning through Literature and the Arts, page 31.

Enthusiasm for engaging and stretching all students through the arts

Desire to learn new research, theories, and methods related to the arts

Passion about the power of the arts to transform student learning

Flexibility to change schedules and materials to take advantage of teachable moments

Openness to experiment with creative variations on strategies

Collaborative planners willing to co-teach with artists

Creative problem solvers who seek diverse solutions to learning problems

Optimism about teaching and reaching all children through instruction that is differentiated using arts-based strategies

Humor to create a positive learning climate to deal with problems

Artistry in which one-of-a-kind imprints are made on each child by the teacher’s unique personality and style

Mentorship of students by sharing personal abilities and interests (e.g., teachers who play instruments, write poetry, paint, or dance), which causes students to choose to apprentice themselves to these “masters”

Relationships with students that form the core of classroom discipline

 Courage/confidence to make mistakes and not be threatened by the opinions of nay-sayers


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