Big Idea 4: Enduring Understanding 3

Enduring Understanding3: Connections among the arts and other disciplines strengthen learning and the ability to transfer knowledge and skills to and from other fields.

MU.K.H.3.1     Perform simple songs, finger plays, and rhymes to experience connections among music, language, and numbers.

MU.1.H.3.1     Explore the use of instruments and vocal sounds to replace or enhance specified words or phrases in children’s songs, choral readings of poems and stories, and/or chants.

MU.2.H.3.1     Perform and compare patterns, aurally and visually, found in songs, finger plays, or rhymes to gain a foundation for exploring patterns in other contexts.

MU.3.H.3.1     Experience and discuss, using correct music and other relevant content-area vocabulary, similarities in the use of pattern, line, and form in music and other teacher-selected contexts.

MU.4.H.3.1     Identify connections among music and other contexts, using correct music and other relevant content-area vocabulary, and explore how learning in one academic area can help with knowledge or skill acquisition in a different academic area.

MU.5.H.3.1     Examine critical-thinking processes in music and describe how they can be transferred to other disciplines.


What are your favorite finger plays? I love “Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle” for vocal exploration. So fun!



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