NGSSS Big Idea 4, Enduring Understanding 1

Big Idea: HISTORICAL AND GLOBAL CONNECTIONS Enduring Understanding1:Through study in the arts, we learn about and honor others and the worlds in which they live(d).

MU.K.H.1.1     Respond to music from diverse cultures through singing and movement.

MU.1.H.1.1     Perform simple songs, dances, and musical games from a variety of cultures.

MU.1.H.1.2     Explain the work of a composer.

MU.2.H.1.1     Perform songs, musical games, dances, and simple instrumental accompaniments from a variety of cultures.

MU.2.H.1.2     Identify the primary differences between composed and folk music.

MU.3.H.1.1     Compare indigenous instruments of specified cultures.

MU.3.H.1.2     Identify significant information about specified composers and one or more of their musical works.

MU.3.H.1.3     Identify timbre(s) in music from a variety of cultures.

MU.4.H.1.1     Examine and describe a cultural tradition, other than one’s own, learned through its musical style and/or use of authentic instruments.

MU.4.H.1.2     Describe the influence of selected composers on the musical works and practices or traditions of their time.

MU.4.H.1.3     Identify pieces of music that originated from cultures other than one’s own.

MU.5.H.1.1     Identify the purposes for which music is used within various cultures.

MU.5.H.1.2     Compare and describe the compositional characteristics used by two or more composers whose works are studied in class.

MU.5.H.1.3     Compare stylistic and musical features in works originating from different cultures.

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