NGSSS Big Idea 4, Enduring Understanding 2

Enduring Understanding2:  The arts reflect and document cultural trends and historical events, and help explain how new directions in the arts have emerged.

MU.K.H.2.1     Respond to and/or perform folk music of American cultural sub-groups.

MU.1.H.2.1     Identify and perform folk music used to remember and honor America and its cultural heritage.

MU.2.H.2.1     Discuss how music is used for celebrations in American and other cultures.

MU.3.H.2.1     Discuss how music in America was influenced by people and events in its history.

MU.4.H.2.1     Perform, listen to, and discuss music related to Florida’s history.

MU.4.H.2.2     Identify ways in which individuals of varying ages and cultures experience music.

MU.5.H.2.1     Examine the contributions of musicians and composers for a specific historical period.

MU.5.H.2.2     Describe how technology has changed the way audiences experience music.

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