Big Idea 3: Enduring Understanding 2

Big Idea 3: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE  Enduring Understanding2:The structural rules and conventions of an art form serve as both a foundation and departure point for creativity.

MU.3.O.2.1     Rearrange melodic or rhythmic patterns to generate new phrases.

MU.4.O.2.1     Create variations for selected melodies.

MU.5.O.2.1     Create a new melody from two or more melodic motifs.

Do you notice that this EU doesn’t come into play until Third Grade? Do you agree with this? Why might the writers have started this in third grade and not K-2? 

I believe that the writers made a good decision to have this thread begin in 3rd grade as opposed to the earlier levels.   It’s important for the younger students to participate and make music at an appropriate developmental level. While K-2 students can certainly manipulate rhythm and melody it not make as much “musical sense” as older students with more backgroud knowledge and experience.

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