Thanksgiving Elimination Game

Here is the Thanksgiving Elimination game that I shared in the workshop today.

The poem as is follows (I found a poem like this in a Music and You Second Grade Edition from years ago):

Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread, Turkey Stuffing too.

That’s what we’ll eat on Thanksgiving Day!  How about you?

There are many ways to approach this poem and game.  I tend to vary it up depending on the needs of the students.  Here is an example of what I do to prepare this poem to turn into a game.

Step 1: Play and Share

  • Teacher says the poem and at the end “How about you” select a student to share one food that they are most excited about eating on Thanksgiving.
  • Allow students to stand in a circle and go around, tapping rhythm sticks or doing body percussion patterns (whatever works for you) and when you get to the “YOU” that student shares.

The game is a traditional clapping game.

Students stand in a circle with their right hands on top of the person’s hands on their right and their left hands underneath of the person on their left.  Then they “pass” the beat around the circle.

I prep this passing game by using a frog that “hops” from lillypad to lillypad. First we see how long it takes the frog to get all around the circle. Then, as students are able to pass the frog, we refine and take it to passing with the beat.  After they are successful with that we take the frog away and just use hands.  At that point, the students are ready to play the game.

The poem changes at the end, “Out goes you!”

Students chant the poem as they pass the beat around the circle. The person who gets clapped on the final “you” is out.  If the student pulls their hand away and the other person claps their own hand, they are out.  If they argue, they are both out, and if someone from across the circle starts getting involved, then they are out too. Yes, the first game can be a little short…:-)



2 responses to “Thanksgiving Elimination Game

  1. Thank you Michelle. Today workshop was awesome! Everyone was so eager to share their great ideas. I can not wait to go back to class and teach those new activities to my students.
    Thank you all.


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