Giving Thanks

Happy Wednesday, South Florida Orff!

As we head into this Thanksgiving holiday I want to take a moment to thank you, the WONDERFUL members of South Florida Orff, for being part of our organization.  Without you, none of this would be possible.

For these reasons, I am thankful for you.

1.  Joining the organization, without the financial support of your membership dues we would be unable to bring master teachers and clinicians to our workshops.

2.  Spending your generous gift of time, precious Saturday mornings, to come and participate in workshops.

3. Spreading the joy and light that is music to all of your students and teachers at your schools.  Orff teachers tend to be very happy… when your happiness and positivity shines, your schools and students are changed.

4. Collaborating with other music teachers. Music teachers often feel so alone, with the support of the members in our organization, that loneliness fades as you know you’ve got 63 fellow members doing the same thing you are and working for the same goals.

I hope that you are able to enjoy Thanksgiving and all that comes with it, the cooking, the family, and friends, and the time off from the daily grind.   

Have a wonderful long weekend!


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