Big Idea 5: Innovation, Technology, and the Future. Enduring Understanding 1

Big Idea 5: Innovation, Technology, and the Future. 

Enduring Understanding 1: Creating, interpreting, and responding in the arts stimulate the imagination and encourage innovation and creative risk-taking.

MU.K.F.1.1     Respond to and explore music through creative play and found sounds in the music classroom.

MU.1.F.1.1      Create sounds or movement freely with props, instruments, and/or found sounds in response to various music styles and/or elements.

MU.2.F.1.1      Create a musical performance that brings a story or poem to life.

MU.3.F.1.1      Enhance the meaning of a story or poem by creating a musical interpretation using voices, instruments, movement, and/or found sounds.

MU.4.F.1.1      Create new interpretations of melodic or rhythmic pieces by varying or adding dynamics, timbre, tempo, lyrics, and/or movement.

MU.5.F.1.1      Create a performance, using visual, kinesthetic, digital, and/or acoustic means to manipulate musical elements.

The Orff Process is written ALL OVER these benchmarks! Yes, and I love it.

My second graders are using the book Owl Moon for their “Winter Show.”  This book lends itself beautifully to the second grade benchmark.  We are using a selection from Volume 1 as travel music, and 2 of Keetman’s melodies for other parts of the book.  It should work well for a performance.  That’s what I love about this thread, it is process based and can work for an “informance.”  What stories and poems do you love to work with?

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