Big Idea 5: Innovation, Technology, and the Future. Enduring Understanding 2

Big Idea 5: Innovation, Technology, and the Future. 

Enduring Understanding 2: Careers in and related to the arts significantly and positively impact local and global economies.

MU.1.F.2.1      Describe how he or she likes to participate in music.

MU.2.F.2.1      Describe how people participate in music.

MU.3.F.2.1      Identify musicians in the school, community, and media.

MU.3.F.2.2      Describe opportunities for personal music-making.

MU.4.F.2.1      Describe roles and careers of selected musicians.

MU.5.F.2.1      Describe jobs associated with various types of concert venues and performing arts centers.

MU.5.F.2.2      Explain why live performances are important to the career of the artist and the success of performance venues.

I like how this thread encourages students to think about careers in music that are different from just the “people you hear on the radio.” Interesting studies have come out about how more businesses are hiring people with art and music backgrounds as they know how to use the latest 21st century skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity). 

What are your thoughts on this?

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