Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!  I hope you had a refreshing winter break and enjoyed time with your family and friends.  As we return to work refreshed and rejuvinated I wanted to bring this quote to your attention:

“The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them.”
– Bernard Baruch

Sometimes, as we work within the constraints of a schools sytem, we notice all of the things that make our lives and jobs difficult instead of noticing all of the things that are making our lives and jobs easy. We allow those things that we can’t control, control us and our actions.  For this new year, let’s focus on what we can control, our personal and professional growth. 

When we are inspired, we inspire others.

When we continue to learn, we encourage others to learn.

When we use our current situations as opportunities to grow, we encourage others to grow.

I encourage you to have a wonderful year, sharing your gift of teaching music, to the children in our community.  Thank you for your continued professional development, passion, and interest in our Orff community. You are appreciated!

What are you learning from your current situation?

I’m learning that I must be patient.  I am an immediate action kind of person.  If I want something done, I’ll just do it! I often expect others to be just like me.  In my current situation I am learning that my priorities are not always the same as someone elses and I need to be patient and wait. 

It’s tough as … I hate waiting.  🙂



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