Responsive Classroom- behavior management

Many districts across the country are adopting Responsive Classroom in their schools.  I’ve worked at two schools who implement this style of teaching.  I must admit, when I first learned about Responsive Classroom I thought it sounded like a lot of work. It involved changing the way I developed rules, consequences, and changing my language.  I adopted it because it was the school’s culture and all teachers were supposed to follow it.  Now, I’m a convert.  This practice of teaching using the Responsive Classroom techniques changed my life.  Gone were my days of pleading for students to behave or hoping that a certain “problem-child” would be absent that day.  I looked forward to teaching children to be productive members of society.

From their website:

The Responsive Classroom approach is a widely used, research-backed approach to elementary education that increases academic achievement, decreases problem behaviors, improves social skills, and leads to more high-quality instruction.

Here is a link to an article about responding to misbehavior.

Please check it out!  I really think the last section on logical consequences makes so much sense. If any of you are struggling with classroom management and would like to learn more about this way of teaching, email me at  It’s truly effective.


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