“No Such Thing as Cruising!”

At the FMEA conference, Dr. Shuler (the President of NAfME) said, “There is no such thing as cruising.”

I thought that was such a wonderful statement, and also a scary statement.

Think about it.  If you are cruising along, just doing the same thing you’ve always been doing, the same way you’ve always been doing it, in the same way your learned how to do it, you will be left behind.  What are the implications of cruising along on your students? Think about that.

The worlds of technology, education, culture, and research are moving forward at a rapid pace.  It’s our responsibility as music teachers to stay current on latest best practices, seek new ways of teaching, and remain LIFELONG learners; learners of both music and teaching music.

Realize that each day is an opportunity for you to practicing being the best music teacher you can be.

Consider this:

What is the impact of one music teacher?

One music teacher impacts hundreds of students a day, perhaps thousands of students a week.  Each moment you stand in front of your students and lead them in the process of making music, you are impacting our profession in a positive light.  On the flip side, if you are cruising along, you can be polluting the profession, thousands of students a year, for multiple years.

If you know a music teacher who is struggling, encourage them to attend professional development, send them lesson plans, collaborate, and challenge them. It’s our responsibility to hold each other accountable for the future of our profession.  Challenge your school community, make them want to be better teachers because of you! You have no idea the impact your thoughts and actions have in a school, especially with the number of students and teachers that a music teacher comes into contact with each day. 

What do you think about cruising along? Do you know teachers who are cruising? What can you do support the future of music education in your school, district, state, and nation?

Leave a comment, I’d like to hear your point of view!   I’ve got some door prizes from West Music for three random commenters! I’ll pick a winner on Friday!

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