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Category: Quote

Issue(s) Addressed: Inherent value/intelligence

Supporting the school environment for learning

Supporting learning in other subjects

Building society/citizenship

Long-term success of students

Developing 21st-century skills

Developing the “whole child”


John Chambliss, “Florida’s Education Commissioner Eric Smith Stresses Need for Arts,” The Ledger, June 18, 2010

Item Text

The importance of the arts goes beyond just giving students a creative outlet, said Eric Smith, Florida’s education commissioner. It provides students with a different way to think when they are adults.

“The world our kids will be inhabiting will be more than numbers and reading,” Smith said Friday at the Florida Alliance for Arts Education Summit at Harrison School for the Arts.

Smith said creativity, abstract thinking and coming up with ways to do things differently will be important in the coming decades for adults who want high-paying jobs.

Smith said that intensive reading is not a “wildly successful initiative” and agreed that arts electives are important for a student’s success.

“If our kids aren’t innovators they will be struggling in the year 2050,” Smith said. “The arts can be a part of that.”


Submitter Information

Name: MENC Staff



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