Advocacy Brochure

I know many of you enjoyed reading the series of posts about the benefits of music.  It’s always good to be armed with information to support our programs.

Here is a quick and easy .pdf of the Benefits of Music from NAfME. I encourage you to print it out and give away some copies to your administration, PTA, parents, and students.  Last year I shared some interesting statistics and research points with my middle school chorus students and they loved it.  They went home and talked to their parents all about the benefits of studying music.  It led to a wonderful conversation and they were encouraged to come up with their personal benefits for studying music.  It was a great pre-warm-up, communty-building introduction to rehearsal time.

I encourage you to not only print this brochure out and give it away but to also read it and become familiar with the content so you are able to talk about it and personalize the content for you and your programs. 

Nothing lights a fire with parents, teachers, and administrators more than hearing other teachers speak passionately and intelligently about their subject  area.

Here is the link:*TFqElwjjy3xVZ3nkz3snYXthTBqBfQbVNYFzH6Pa/benefits_of_music.pdf

Thank you, the members of South Florida Orff, for all you do to promote music education in our community.  You always have such wonderful energy at workshops and are really the leaders in our music teaching community.  Congratulations on a job well done!

2 responses to “Advocacy Brochure

  1. Michelle Present

    I have a very special Orff teacher giving a workshop in Hollywood, Fl on Jan 28th. I can’t seem to be able to post it. I was able to post it on your facebook page. Any help would be appreciated. Mary Knysh is great fun and brilliant. Thanks,

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