Exciting Workshop Opportunity!

Today’s Blog Post comes from Michelle Present and she would like to share information about an exciting workshop opportunity! I hope you can attend!

Thank you, Michelle, for letting us know about this amazing opportunity!

We are pleased to welcome Mary Knysh (www.rhythmicconnections.com), an east coast Orff Schulwerk clinician, to the South Florida area as she presents a fun and engaging Music for People (www.musicforpeople.org)/ MRM  (Music,Rhythm,Movement) Improvisation workshop! Mary has been an AOSA presenter/clinician at the 1995 International Orff Conference (Melbourne,Australia), 1996 National AOSA Conference Memphis, TN, 1997 AOSA National Conference Seattle, WA, 2009 National AOSA Conference Charlotte, NC, and most recently the 2011 National AOSA Conference Pittsburgh, PA. Mary’s workshops feature an exciting array of integrated music, rhythm and movement improvisation activities, perfectly suited for the Orff Schulwerk classroom! Plus she shares plenty of fun and inspiring ways to expand  your students palette of creative musical expression through a “world” of ethnic scales, rhythms and styles on voice, percussion, recorders, band and orchestra instruments and of course- Orff instruments!


“Music for People” MRM – Music, Rhythm and Movement Improvisation

Enliven Your Creativity and Create Community Through Music, Rhythm, and Movement Play!

with Mary Knysh – Music for People (www.musicforpeople.org)

Date: January 28th, 2012

Time: 1:30pm-6pm(workshop); 6-7 (dinner $5);  7-10 (improv cabaret in Gardens-gratis)

Location:SanctuaryGardens,Hollywood,FL(full directions sent with pre workshop info)

Cost: $55 (introductory offer)


About the Workshop:

Music for People: Mary Knysh

MRM: Music, Rhythm and Movement Improvisation Workshops

Enliven Creativity and Create Community Through Spontaneous Music, Rhythm and Movement Exploration and Play!

The goal of this workshop is to provide an inspirational and supportive environment in which each participant has a chance to discover, explore and express their own unique creativity through spontaneous “in the moment” musical play. The games and structures are simple enough to successfully grasp immediately yet profound enough to explore for a lifetime! Return to child, that is the natural, spontaneous and creative way to playfully explore music, rhythm and movement. Mary Knysh shares a wide variety of simple and accessible activities that will have all making music together quickly and easily! Participants are provided with not only an exciting day of discovery and self expression but also an outline of techniques that can be used immediately in your Orff classroom.  Anyone interested in discovering and developing their own improvisational skills, musical self-confidence and joy of music making have come to the right place.  Bring your own instrument or enjoy one of ours!


A workshop designed especially to:

  • Bring music into your life in a fun and interactive way
  • Develop/Enhance improvisation skills for all levels of musicians
  • Inspire all subjects & teacher levels for group work and team building
  • Provide educators with exciting and accessible Brain-Based Engagement Strategies and Activities for classroom use
  • Expand and Enliven Drum Circle Facilitation by including Voice and all instruments!
  • Equip music educators with a myriad of new tools for fun, easy and interactive music improvisation (great for Orff instruments!)
  • Introduce group engagment and non-verbal communication ideas for Music, Art and Movement therapists and Occupational therapists


**In these workshops and training sessions Mary shares and integrates several bodies of work that she has trained in and taught for many years including the music improvisation work of Music for People (www.musicforpeople.org), ethnic drumming styles and drum circle facilitation work, and the expressive movement form of NIA (www.nianow.com).


About Orff Clinician: Mary E. Knysh    

Mary Knysh is a professional musician, multi instrumentalist, recording artist, innovative workshop facilitator, facilitator trainer and educator. Mary is a Remo endorsed drum circle facilitator, a white belt in NIA movement, an Orff Schulwerk clinician and has presented at Orff conferences throughout theUnited StatesandAustralia. She is a teaching artist and professional development specialist with thePennsylvaniaCouncil of the Arts, Young Audiences ofNew Jersey, andNew Yorkstate BOCES. Mary’s innovative work with early childhood has been featured with NJ Young Audience’s “Creative Beginnings” program and with PA Council of the Arts “Early Childhood Communication Through the Creative Arts” program.  Over the past 12 years, Mary’s drumming facilitation and work has been featured in NYC’s “Community Drumming” summer events held in Wagner Park, Battery Park City, every July and August and she has most recently been a featured guest facilitator/trainer at the Drum Circle for Teachers Conference in Tokyo, Japan. Mary has worked with cellist David Darling and the Music for People organization for the past 20 years and serves as a facilitator, professional development specialist and trainer within the organization. She travels throughout theUnited Statesand Internationally offering facilitator trainings, performances, workshops, and artist in residencies. Mary is the author of the book, “BoomDoPA” that serves as a guidebook for facilitating music improvisation activities with groups of any age and experience.  Over the past twenty five years Mary has worked with a wide range of communities including educational, health care, and varied community groups.


Mary’s resource materials include  “Drumming and Storytelling” DVD 2007, “BoomDoPa: A guide to Ethnic Influenced Music Improvisation” and  “Rhythms All Around” CD/activity book combination. Mary’s CD’s include “WalkAbout” 2004, “Rhythms All Around” 2005, “Sussurus” 2000, and “Heart Like A Feather”


Rhythmic Connections

www.rhythmicconnections.com, mary@rhythmicconnections.com          570 2049783


Workshop Participant Quotes

  • “Very quickly into the workshop Mary established a collaborative, safe, and supportive environment in which I felt free to play, able to experiment, and ready to grow.”  Princeton Workshop participant
  • “ I was effortlessly led by Mary Knysh to make music with a group of people at a higher level than I thought possible.   We sang, moved and played instruments forming a true community of sound. 
  • “I am excited to use your ideas for more verbalizing to connect musicality into body movement.  I loved integrating the movement, rhythm, body and the way we  connected  to rhythm in our bodies and transitioned that to movement.”
  • “I will use the call and response, simple “say what you play” tools and musical conversation games with my younger students. For my older students I want to use more vocal body percussion to encourage them to relax and be completely present in their music and sound.” 
  • “I loved the simple and clear facilitation signals. I plan to do much more with the voice, echos, and drones when I return to my classroom. I was struck by the idea that drums and instruments can speak and provide us with new forms of non-verbal communication.”
  • “The next time I walk into my drum class, I will begin without drums and open with voice and body and then add drums later on.  I had never thought about beginning rhythmic work on the body and in voice, this was great!”
  •  “Bundt pans rock! I loved the “found sounds” instruments and will encourage my students to explore this fascinating world of new sounds in everyday objects.”
  • “I have two choirs and several drum groups and I am inspired to go back and encourage more vocal and tonal improvisation with the drum groups and with the choirs I can’t wait to add more rhythmic singing, body drumming and drums to their music! Also the vocal drones will be a wonderful addition to both groups.” 
  • “I really appreciated the non-verbal drum facilitation skills, the simple call and response activities and the spontaneous rhythmic vocal structures will be perfect for introducing my students to part singing in a fun and engaging way, thanks so much for the great new ideas, I can’t wait to try them out in my classroom!”
  • “I am a Drum Circle Facilitator and I am looking forward to adding more vocal and tonal activities into my drum circles, this was such fun and I leave with so many new ideas to try.  Thanks so very much.”




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