Freebie Winner!

Annemarie Edmonds

You are the winner! Thanks for commenting on yesterday’s post! I’ve got a freebie with your name on it.  I’ll get it to you at the next workshop or we can figure out a plan to see each other before then!

Everyone else,

I’ve got more freebies to give away! Look for an opportunity to win next week.  In the meantime, here is an interesting bit of information for you:

“Playing a musical instrument reshapes the brain. This doesn’t mean it actually changes the overall shape of the brain but rather that coordinated use of the fingers can alter the brain’s ability to distinguish touch input from different fingers on the same hand. To appreciate this fact, and its astounding implications, we need to understand how the brain normally processes touch (tactile) input from the skin. Briefly, different parts of the body surface send information to different parts of the somatosensory system, which is concerned with touch. Adjacent places on the skin project their information to adjacent places in the brain, resulting in a “map” of the body inside the brain. One can find a “map” of the hand and its individual digits, with neighboring brain cells receiving information from neighboring fingers.”

 What the Brain Tells us About Music: Amazing Facts and Astounding Implication Revealed, Norman M. Weinberger

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