Valentine’s Day Dance

Here is a re-post of a favorite Valentine’s Lesson Plan.  Enjoy!

Barbara Schlottfeldt (our wonderful Secretary) loves this game for Valentines Day! If you need the tune you can email me, and I’ll forward your message to Barbara.

**You could also use this opportunity to create your OWN Tune! Something like S,L, SS, M – SSMRDRM, S,L, SS, M, SSMRDDD**

Valentines Dance Silver Burdett Making Music pg 437 Sanna Longden

Heel, toe, on the line,

Will you be my Valentine?  (Will you be a friend of mine?)Partners join hands circle clockwise 4 steps

Heel, toe, on the line,

Maybe Ja! and  maybe Nein! On the word nein partners are back to back

Dance was to be done in partners in a circle but I find it easier to use as a mixer

”Lets find another partner, lets find another partner”

The Valentine Dance is found in GRADE ONE of Making Music. Pg 82 CD 14/track 12,13


2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Dance

  1. Barbara Schlottfeldt

    D M R SS LSLSLS M D M R SS LSLSLS D Here’s the tune I use

  2. Thanks so much! That makes perfect sense to me! 🙂

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