Techniques for Practicing Rhythm

Here are some tips and techniques for practicing rhythm,  Remember that rhythmic practice naturally leads to physically active and stimulation activities.  With echo clapping some teachers get stuck with the same clapping pattern each time.  After time it loses its meaning and purpose.  Let’s remember to keep it fresh, not only for ourselves but also for our students.

Echo Clapping:

A.  Teacher claps, no rhythm names; children echo.

B.  Students echo with rhythm names, different motions.

C.  Go to small groups.

D.  Go to individual children.

E. Transfer to a rhythm instrument.

F. Transfer to a melody instrument on one note.

G.  Teacher sings on a  neutral syllable, children echo same note with rhythm names.

H.  Teacher sings on a neutral syllable, children echo on a different note (ie; teacher on sol, class on mi).

How are ways that you make practicing rhythm fun?

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