“King of the Mountain”

This is another great activity from the book An American Methodology by Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson.

King of the Mountain: the students number off and sit in a circle, each with a rhythm card in front of them.  Prepare the game as follows:

a) going around the circle and beginning with the first student, each student takes a turn clapping and saying their card.

b) repeat a) but when the students are not clapping a card they tap a steady beat on their knees while another student claps a card.

c) the first student claps her card and then the card of the person to her right.  The second student claps his card and the one to his right.  Continue around the circle while everyone else keeps a beat on their knees.

The game:  the first student claps her card and then, anyone else’s card in the circle.  When a rhythm is clapped incorrectly or is not clapped on the beat, the student falls off the mountain and moves to the left of the King of the Mountain which is, actually, last place.

Have you played this game?


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