On the Way to Creation

Yesterday you read about one starting point for improvisation.  Today I will show you where you can go from there.

  • Repeat the improvisation circle quickly or ask for a few volunteers to share a pattern that they *really* like.
  • Allow the students to notate the rhythm of the pattern that they like on the board (with teacher help if needed).  This might be a good place to introduce some of the new rhythmic material they created.  Usually my students will do something syncopated that I will need to visually present for them.
  • Narrow it down to 4 different patterns (usually 4-8 beats each – you decided).
  • Call each pattern a different letter, A, B, C, and D.
  • Allow students to practice and become fluent readers of each pattern and perform for the class in small groups or individually using body percussion, clapping games, partner experiences, drumming, or other small percussion.  Be sure to remember which pattern is which as they will be using them the next day to create a composition.

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