This is a continuation from the past few posts.  You can click back through the previous week to see the other posts.   Yesterday, the class created an A section, B section, C, section, and a D section. Click HERE for yesterday’s entry.

  • Display the sections on the board (sometimes different colors help distinguish the patterns).
  • Review the rhythmic patterns as a class.
  • Display these elemental forms.  AAAB,  ABBA, ABAB,  ABCA.  (I know there is no D, I use D as an alternate section if there are a lot of groups or I allow a fast finishing group to substitute D in lieu of something else).
  • Allow the students to create a percussion composition using the forms above.  They may use drums or any other instruments that you have available. If you don’t have instruments the students can use body percussion.
  • Allow the students to practice and perform for the class.

There are other places to go from here.  The class can:

  • Create new sections, combine sections, change instruments, play another group’s composition, transfer compositions to other instruments, pitched or un-pitched, or add text! Let them sing it, move it, or add ostinati.  The possibilities are endless!

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