New Year, New Challenges

It seems that no matter how long you’ve been teaching, each year brings its own set of challenges to the classroom.

Some things you might be facing this year include:

  • double classes
  • shorter class periods
  • less planning time
  • more students with special needs
  • new grades
  • new standards
  • and much more!

I see you  nodding your head in agreement. 🙂

Let’s see if we can use this blog as a tool to help us all problem solve and work around these challenges!

Please leave a comment of one of the challenges that you’re facing this year in the comments section below. 

I know it can be a little intimidating to leave a comment here but it’s not hard.  Just enter your name (only use your first name if you want, or a nick-name, it doesn’t matter) and your email address (that will stay private), and type what you want to say!  The first time you post a comment it will have to be moderated.  That means, I need to approve it.  This keeps random spammers from posting about their online pharmacies. 🙂

Once I approve you, you’re good to post forever!

After you post, come back and read if someone replied to you! Also, see if someone posted something that you can help with and reply to them. 

I think that this blog can be a great resource for all of us to use to collaborate.  You don’t have to be a member to comment!

Let me know if you have questions (leave a comment). 🙂

2 responses to “New Year, New Challenges

  1. I feel so fortunate to be full time in one school in Palm Beach County after being split between two schools for five long years in Broward. My schedule has changed slightly for the worse this year compared to last. Schedules have been reduced to 30 minutes, one double 1st grade class, and the other two Fine Arts teachers (PE and Art) and myself have to be media clerks once a day, in addition to once a day cafeteria duty, before and after school duy posts. However, we have six classes a day and the class sizes are reasonable with the exception of the one double class. All in all, I’m not complaining and hoping things will get better in future years!

    • Thanks for sharing! I know that many “special” teachers are used in classes that aren’t their area. When I taught in VA, all special teachers had 2 duties a week before and after school. I liked it! I know, you miss some planning time, but you also get to see the students more and touch base with families. Crosswalk duty was always my favorite. I also like lunch duty. I realize this makes me a bit of a freak. 🙂

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