Rules for Music Class

I wanted to share something from our Treasurer. She learned these rules from her Level I course with Gretchen Wahlberg and Sandy Lantz. She teaches them by clapping the rhythm, then depending on the grade, she will use percussion and/or create melodies on bars with the rhythms.


I’m going to post a lesson plan tomorrow using these rules!

What are your classroom rules?

6 responses to “Rules for Music Class

  1. You could also introduce syncopation using “follow directions” if you teach older children (synco-pa-ta-ta).

  2. Stay in your seat
    Raise your hand to speak

  3. Orff Orchestra Rules
    1.When entering or exiting, walk around the orchestra,
    Never over, Never through.
    3. Respect and handle instruments with care.
    4. Use 2 hands to take off or put on bars
    5. Hold the mallets like handle bars on a bicycle!
    6. Be ready to play.
    Mallets up, Mallets ready,
    (mallets on shoulders) (mallets over bars to strike)
    7. Play as a team. LISTEN to and WATCH each other.

    These are all color coded in for my classroom. Thanks for allowing me be a part of the South Florida Assoc.

  4. Our entire school uses and reinforces the 3 B’s-Be respectful. Be responsible. Be ready. Also, in music class, students learn to sing the song “Golden Rule” from the resource magazine ‘Music K8’, and discuss what the lyrics mean. And I post a sign in the music room that has the acronym: MUSIC “M” is for Musician position. “U” Use our time together wisely. “S” Silence, speak, sing-know which one to use. “I” Instruments-play carefully, “C” Challenge yourself! I have the most success reinforcing these areas throughout the year, and keeping things positive.

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