Find a “Spot!”

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you want the children to find a “spot” in self-space. Or you might have little children who need a gentle reminder about what constitutions “their” space.

Enter: this great idea!

Placemats used as "spots" for circle time.

You can visit and read about how this teacher uses these in her class to keep things organized and safe!

Have you used something like this before? I’ve used carpet squares that were left over from carpet stores or home depot but sometimes they are hard to find. This seems like a much better idea! How else could you use these in your classroom?

2 responses to “Find a “Spot!”

  1. These spots would be helpful for violin foot pads. Draw shape of each foot, left foot slightly ahead of right and shoulder length apart.

  2. Great idea, Tinder! I think it would be fun for movement activities too. You could easily have each student on a different color mat and assign each mat a different instrument. Red=Drum, Blue=Triangle, etc… then when you play the drum, the students on the red mats would be allowed to move around the room to the beat, then repeat with triangle. This might be good for little ones as they learn timbre and steady beat.

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