Boomwhacker Fun

I’ve never been a fan of the boomwhacker but here is one song I think I can get behind…

Although I hate boomwhackers with a passion- this could be fun: Boomwhackers and *I Gotta Feelin'

You can find it at

Do you like boomwhackers? Do your students? Do you have a fun song that your kids love? Please share it in the comments below!


Also, don’t forget that our first workshop is tomorrow at David Lawrence Jr. K8 Center.  Click on “2012-2012 Workshop Schedule” at the top of this page for more information.


5 responses to “Boomwhacker Fun

  1. I would like to get started with Boomwhackers not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas or resources to get started?

  2. I don’t have a lot of information about boomwhackers but I know that many teachers (and students) enjoy them! I hope someone will post some information for you. In the meantime, I’ll ask around and get back to you!

  3. Chris Judah-Lauder has several books with great lessons using Boomwhackers for all grade levels. My two favorite books are “Fun with Boomwhackers” and “Boom ‘n’ Tunes Just for Fun”. My favorite for 4th and/or 5th grade is “Ostinato Exploration” from the first book. My favorites from the other book are “The Triplets” and “Haunted House”. Check it out!

  4. My students love boomwhackers. Their parents and grandparents love to “help” if we need extra hands. I teach piano so since I already have the Faber and Faber books that come with CD’s, and I have the students use boomwhackers to play the cord progressions. Some songs only use two chords, so its easy for even the youngest student to memorize the patterns.

    • That’s a good idea! I used the Faber method books when I taught privately. I’ve also used the primer book (or whatever the first one is called) for my autistic class and the students loved it! The CD’s make it very satisfying for the kids. I hadn’t thought to use the boomwhackers too. Thanks for sharing!

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