Workshop Review!

Thank you ALL for an amazing kick-off to the year at our first workshop.  We had 62 people in attendance from 4 counties and 2 universities.  That’s AMAZING!

I thought our clinician was wonderful and already know of one teacher who used the shape idea with her orchestra class later that SAME day!

In the spirit of using new ideas, here is a give away for the week.

Leave a comment on this post that either shares something from the workshop that you used or are planning to use in one of your classes or something that you learned.

You have up until 7:00 Friday morning to post your comments and I will randomly select a winner to win a book from West Music!


7 responses to “Workshop Review!

  1. I found the entire workshop to be helpful in not only changing my idea of what Orff is, but how important it is to get the students more involved in movement in the music classroom. I am going to do a collaboration with our art teacher regarding using art work that her students have done to inspire a music and movement lesson.

  2. Thank you for a fantastic learning experience. I will implement the shapes activity in my music classes and afterschool music program. The book store was a very good addition…looking forward to the next workshop.

  3. Found the workshop informative and inspiring. Since I work with “at risk” youth–I always take ideas and modify them to fit the population. In particular, I plan on using the shapes and expanding on the ideas in teaching rhythms and rhythm reading.

  4. The workshop was very informative. I always appreciate learning new songs and activities that I can use with my kids and always new ways of teaching material. I definately plan to use the circle triangle square activity.

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  6. I had a great time at the workshop! I incorporated the shapes activity into the body percussion unit of an undergraduate course I teach at UM, we had a great time. I also took the shapes idea (triangles and squares) and applied it to reading a 6/8 body rondo in Jim Solomon’s book.

  7. Great idea, Sandy! I love Jim’s body rondo book. Using the shape idea is a clever way to get the students prepared for that!

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