Teaching Children How to Listen

I came across this great poster at http://www.socialthinking.com.  This is a wonderful way to teach students how to listen! So many times we say, “listen,” but we forget that children need to be taught how to listen.


I like to use this in my classroom with my little ones as I see good listening behaviors. For instance, “the first row is showing me that they understand that a good listener listens with their eyes because they are all looking at me.”  Reminders like that, given throughout the class, are great cues for the students and creates a positive classroom climate.

Do you use this? Do you use something similar to this? 

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2 responses to “Teaching Children How to Listen

  1. I have a similar poster that I bought at the educational store that’s next to the Whole Foods store in Pinecrest. It has a green monster sitting at a desk and it’s titled – Good Listening Tips – and it has arrows pointing to the ears, eyes, lips, hands, and feet and it says something in regards to how to keep those parts of the body in a silent, attentive way. I always refer to it, and when they’re getting noisy, I’ll say, “Green Monster,” and all the kids mimic the poster. It’s really cute.
    Also, another thing I do is whenever a student is explaining something to me, I will skip around the room asking someone (usually who’s talking or not paying attention) to repeat what the child just said. After doing this a few times, they get the hang of it and are “waiting for it” so they actually listen carefully. It works with the students I have this year.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love the “green monster” idea! I need to check out that store!

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