Monday Motivation!

I found this cute picture on pinterest, and it links to this blog:

Make this and display in classroom

I think this would be a great poster to have in the classroom.  Sometimes students are afraid to try something because they might “fail.”  We know that in an Orff classroom, the times we try something new and take risks and we get better results than if we had never tried it to begin with!

Let’s all focus our efforts this week on encouraging the “try.” It’s in the beauty of the “try” that we have the beauty of the Schulwerk! 


One response to “Monday Motivation!

  1. I love it! I tell my students they are not allowed to use the 4-letter word “can’t”. They may say “This is hard!”, or “I’m having trouble.”, or “Help!”. I remind them of the rhythm rule “Be Positive”and believe they can do it, whether it takes 5 times, 20 times, or even 100 times to get it right. I also have a sign that says, “Welcome to the Music Room where mistakes are made”. Even the kids point it out to each other when someone is having trouble.

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