Skip, Step, and Repeat with Candy Corn

The website has a downloadable worksheet that I’ve posted below.

Music Note Skip, Step and Repeat Candy Corn worksheet

While this uses skip, step, and repeat on candy corn, I might use this differently and extend it into another lesson using recorders.

  • I would put different examples of skip, step, and repeated notes on the board, all independently of each other.
  • Then, assign three neighbor pitches for the notes (BAG, etc…).
  • Allow the students to perform each candy corn on their recorder.
  • Allow the students to put the candy in a different orders and have other students listen guess which order they put the candy in.
  • You could always add a drone or other instrument accompaniment to fill this out.
  • At the end of all the playing around with the corn, I would pass out the worksheets and allow the students to complete the worksheet as written (for those of you who need written samples of student work to include in portfolios).

How would you use this in your classroom? Have you used something like this before? I think you could do this at any time of year and use different shapes or icons.


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