Frost School of Music and Smithsonian Folkways Presents:


This will be offered on the Coral Gables campus of the University of Miami Frost School of Music throughout the 2013-2014 school year This series of workshops will be designed to help you:

• learn more about the musical cultures of the world, with particular
emphasis on those of the South Florida region

• develop skills in playing, singing, and dancing a variety of music world cultures

• discover innovative resources and ways of teaching world musics in
your classroom

Master teachers and musicians from South Florida and across the U.S. will share their expertise with a limited number of participants. Those who successfully complete the series of workshops will earn a certificate in World Music Pedagogy from Smithsonian Folkways and Master Plan Points toward re-certification.

Tentative schedule and topics for the six all-day workshops
1. Sept. 28: Overview: Philosophy, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Materials
2. Oct. 19 : Salsa: Rhythm, Music, Dance
3. Nov. 2 : Drumming: Afro Caribbean Beats
4. Jan. 25: Native Cultures: Song and Dance
5. Feb. 22: Teaching and Learning World Music Cultures
6. March 22: Conclusion: From the World to the Classroom
Certification Workshop Fee and Materials: $250
More information can be found in the coming months at



  1. Exciting to have a certification in world music, but where is Asia in all of this? I long to see general music below higher education embrace the concept of world music beyond the Anglo Saxon/African/Spanish realm to include the “world.”

    • I appreciate your comment. I believe that this certificate focuses on using local folk artists. I believe that’s how this course put together with UM as the Smithsonian. It could be that there was not an artist available.

  2. You guys ROCK. Thank you for sharing this blog! I’m teaching in India at the moment so it’s really on my mind.

    • It’s a very valid point! My dear friend is teaching in India. Teaching in different cultures really opens up your mind to exploring these aspects of music education. Thanks for reading!

      • marciabarhamM

        Who is you friend? I’m teaching at the American School Bombay at the moment covering someone’s maternity leave. The music in India is incredible, just like the country!

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