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Banner Parade

Here are some pictures of the banners from the different chapters of AOSA around the country.






Welcome Ceremony

It’s a great night to be in St. Louis!


A Little Conference Fun!

We just had a great day attending amazing sessions from outstanding clinicians.

Seeing all of the Music teachers here celebrating our craft and learning from each other is incredibly inspiring. There is so much joy. Tonight is the welcome ceremony and folk dancing!

More pictures to follow…


Evening Games

We all just got to St. Louis and are enjoying an evening session with great singing games!

Here’s a sneak peek!


AOSA National Conference

I am attending the AOSA National Conference in St. Louis from today through the end of the week so I will not be posting the normal daily posts for the rest of the week.  I will try  to blog from conference and try my best to give you some live updates thanks to the wordpress app on my phone. 🙂

Have a great week!

Are you going to St. Louis for the conference? 

The Winning Way

Have you ever wondered, “What is Orff?”

Have you ever wondered why you should teach using the Orff process?

Have you ever wondered what an Orff Schulwerk classroom look like?

Have you ever wondered what AOSA is all about?

You must  Click here NOW!

This is a 15 minute video, online, that shows you some clips of real Orff classrooms with some of the best Orff clinicians in the Nation.

This is a “must watch” and you might even get some new ideas for your own classroom!

Come In, Sit Down

I wanted to post a fun song that I found in some old AOSA conference notes.  I think this song will be great for all the teachers who will have classes after FCAT testing this morning.

 I plan on using this with my second graders today.  We will all sing the melody and for each repeat I will allow different students to create their own simply body percussion pattern to accompany the song.

This will get their bodies and voices ready for class.

If they were learning recorders, I would allow them to play the notes that have an *.  Then as we moved through the coming weeks, I would allow them to explore ornamentation on the notes with the *.

Have a wonderful day!