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Skip, Step, and Repeat with Candy Corn

The website has a downloadable worksheet that I've posted below. While this uses skip, step, and repeat on candy corn, I might use this differently and extend it into another lesson using recorders. I would put different examples of skip, step, and repeated notes on the board, all independently of each other. Then, assign three neighbor… Continue reading Skip, Step, and Repeat with Candy Corn

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Assessment with a Line-up Song!

If you head over to you can see this great Line-up song! Mrs. Dennis (the author of the blog) teaches you how to use this song in your classroom to assess tempo, dynamics, melody, harmony, timbre, and rhythm! Do you have a song like this? Have you used other line-up songs to assess musical skills?


Depth of Knowledge in the Orff Classroom

Repost: Many of you have been asked to refer to the Depth of Knowledge Chart as you plan for you instruction and assessments. You can find the chart by clicking here: Essentially, there are 4 levels of depth when it comes to knowledge. As the level gets higher, the depth gets deeper. The levels summarized:… Continue reading Depth of Knowledge in the Orff Classroom