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Fun Friday

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Fun Friday!

Amazing and Strange Instruments

Head over to Popular Science to see a great article about the 9 strangest instruments!

This would be fun for your students to see. They would have lots of fun talking about how the instruments worked and what inspired their inventor. This would be a great starting point for an instrument project. The students could design their own strange instrument and describe what it was made of, how it made a sound, what does it sound like, and what inspired them to create it. Bonus points go to the students who create their own model to bring into the class!

I remember I had a students create a guitar/recorder – a Guitorder, and bring a model to class. It was hysterical! He was so excited. Have you done a project like this in your class? How did it go?

Fun Friday!


Fun Friday!

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

I saw this idea at

Music a la Abbott: Pumpkin Pumpkin

She has a great lesson that turns this song into a mixer (similar to Bow, wow, wow). She also has listed an extension activity with a “mystery song” and preparing 16th notes.

Do you have any favorite Halloween or Pumpkin songs that you would like to share with us? Please send me an email and I’ll post it!

Fun Friday

Here’s a little Friday Fun!


I have totally had some of those days! You? Please share! We would love to read some of your funny stories! 🙂