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Say, Say O Playmante

Look at this great clapping game! It’s from a blog that I’ve mentioned before on our site:

The directions are found online at her blog!

A fun hand clapping game: Say, Say O Playmate


Music Match

This is a great idea for a game of memory in your classroom! Here is a link to the blogger who has this idea:  It’s a great blog!

GREAT IDEA! match the solfege to the staff!

I think my students will love this game!

Clapping Games!

GO HERE NOW: (it might be blocked at your school so you may need to look from home or your mobile devices).

A whole website for hand clapping songs! (with video and lyrics!)

This website is dedicated to hand clapping games from all over the world! You need to have access to youtube to see them. These are great games that you can use in the music room.


What are your favorite hand clapping games you use in the classroom?  I love Miss Mary Mack and even have a version arranged for recorders and Orff Instruments! 

Variation on an Old Favorite

Enjoy this game that I posted last year from our member Bethany Merrit.  

This is a variation of “Doggie, Doggie, Where’s your bone?”  I have replaced the doggie with a Mrs. Potato Head and the bone with her missing parts.  Her song goes like this: (Sol-Mi song with Sol-Mi-La-Sol-Mi in response)

All Children:
Mr-s. Po-ta-to Head was out for a walk
when she slipped on the ice and some parts fell off
First Blindfolded Child in Center of Circle:
Who has my eyes?
Child with eyes:
I have your eyes!
Second Blindfolded Child in Center of Circle:
Who has my lips?
Child with lips
I have your lips!
You may have a several blindfolded children.  These children get to choose the missing part.  At the end of game, the blindfolded children must guess who had their part.

Also, I explain that Mrs. Potato is visiting from Idaho where the weather is much colder than here.  Haha… Enjoy!

Bethany Merritt

‘Round in a Circle

Here is a big “Thank You” to our secretary, Barbara, for sharing this name game with us.  She shared this at our last workshop. 

‘Round in a Circle – Share the Music K  (Chant)

Let’s go ‘round in a circle,

Let’s go ‘round in a game,

When I get to you,

Please say your name.

My name is _______. (each student)  Her/His name is _________. (Group)  After 4 names resay the chant.

Extension 1.  Singing on l, s, m

Let’s go ‘round in a circle, (s, s, m, l, l, s, m)  or any other melody you want.

Let’s go ‘round in a game,

When I get to you,

Please SING your name.

My name is _______. (each student)  (s, m, l, s, m)

Extension 1.  Jazz Singing – Encourage improvisation on their names… use minor thirds or chords or blues scale.


Extension 2.  Classical Singing

For ex.  “A la Hadyn”

Let’s go ‘round in a circle, now (d, d, m, m, s, s, m)

Let’s go ‘round in a game, (f, f, r, r, t, t, s)

When I get to you, (d, d, m, m, s, m)

Please say your name. (d1, f*, f*, s)

My name is _______. (each student)  (d, m, m, s, m)

Her/His name is _________. (Group)  (f, r, r, t, t, s)

“A la Mozart” or “A la Beethoven” have students choose their favorite song and create one together


5th Symphony:  SING ME YOUR NAME, SING ME YOUR NAME.  My name is _____. (3 students say names)


Jingle Bells, take 2

Sometimes being an elementary music teacher is hard.  Around the Holiday’s it’s easy to get bored with the same song over and over.  I mean, how many years can you teach Jingle Bells in a row before you want to run screaming for the parking lot?  The thing that we always have to remind ourselves is that children love these songs and if we don’t teach them, they might not learn them!  Here’s the time when we put aside our needs and “do it for the kids.”  I’m telling you, the kids will love this. Especially your Kindergarten and First Graders.  Seeing them having a great time, singing, passing on the beat, and identifying AB form, well, that makes it all worth it.

Jingle Bells Passing Game:

I am assuming your students know the song “Jingle Bells.”  If they don’t teach them that first. 

Materials: Jingle Bells! You can make this work with anywhere from one little jingle bell instrument or a class set.  I often start with one and will increase the number of bells as the children get better at passing on the beat.

1.  Have the students sit in a circle.

2.  Pass one jingle bell around the circle. (tap, pass) without keeping a beat. The goal is to get the bell around the circle as fast and safely as they can.

3.  When the bell gets back to you try passing the bell around the circle saying a chant, “tick-tock-like a- clock” (ta, ta, ti-ti-ta).  Allow the students to pass with the beat.  Once they can get the bell around the circle with the beat you can move on.  Do not let them move on until they can complete this task.

4. Sing Jingle Bells while passing the bell around the circle (sing the verse, “dashing through the snow….”).  When it gets to the chorus, the student who has the bell stops passing and jingles the bell while everyone sings.  Repeat a few times until students start understanding the game.

5.  Now for some fun, add another bell at the other side of the circle.  For this round there are two bells being passed around the circle.  Remind the students to look for the bells that might be coming their way.  Tap, pass in the verse, students who have the bell at the chorus are allowed to jingle!

6.  The little ones love it now, start adding more and more bells (I do, 4, 6, 8, 10, then I allow each student to have a bell.  They all “tap, pass” while singing the verse, and shake in the chorus.

Have you done this before? Did you students love it? If you haven’t done this before, give it a try.  Even second graders might like this!

Music Mail

Taking a page from the rhythmic building blocks . . .

I have created “music mail” for my classroom.  I have a class set of envelopes that each have 5 index cards inside.  Each card has a different rhythm in a different color.

For example:

blue: ta   ta    ti-ti   ta

red: ta ti-ti- ta  ta

purple :ti-ti- ta  ta  ta

green: ta  ti-ti-  ta ti-ti

black:  ti-ti  ta  ti-ti-  ta

Each child gets their own envelope and we discuss the importance of not licking it shut… (ah, kids).

They lay the cards out in front and the games begin!

Level 1: Teacher claps a card (I start with 3 times at the beginning but we move to one fairly quickly) and the students pick up the card that the teacher claps.  They can’t pick it up and show the teacher until the teacher says, “You may now pick up the card.”  Then the teacher says, “If you are holding the *green* card you are correct!”  There are many “yessss’s” after that.  That goes on for a while and the different variations begin:

1. Students clap the cards for the class, taking turns.

2.  Teacher claps more than one card and students order the cards.

3. Teacher plays instruments instead of clapping.

4.  Students play instruments instead of clapping.

5. Students pair up and play memory with the cards.

I’m sure you can think of a million other variations! If you have one, please comment below and share with the group!