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Cyndee Giebler workshop 9/17/16

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Saturday, September 17, 2016   9:00a.m.   to 1:00p.m. (8:30 breakfast)

Location: David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center

15000 Bay Vista Boulevard, North Miami, Florida 33181

Cyndee Giebler lives and teaches in northeast Wisconsin. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and  completed her master’s degree at the University of St.Thomas in St.Paul, Minn. She completed all three Orff Levels at the University of St. Thomas and has taken master classes with Steve Calantropio and Richard Gill. She has presented workshops for American Orff-Schulwerk Association chapters around the country as well as state, regional , and national converntions. Cyndee teaches Level II at the Uarts/Villanova University Summer Music Masters Program in Pennsylvania. In her spare time, Cyndee enjoys composing and arranging music for classroom, chorus and elementary strings.

Sing, Dance, Play at our next workshop called “Mining the Volumes”.  Cyndee  will be touching on the many wonderful treasures that  our traditional  MUSIC FOR CHILDREN  volumes contain.  Bring your recorder, and a spirit of adventure as we go mining for musical gems. Your students will love creating master pieces from these music selections that you will bring back to your school.

Cost: $30 for 1 workshop, OR $55 for yearly membership (4 workshops)

Please RSVP to Claudia Lusararian at

Recorder Composition

Over at, there are some great ideas!

This is a great idea for having students compose on recorder.  I wouldn’t use it as 16th notes, as the author does, (I only teach 2nd and 3rd grade), but using the same idea would be great for having my third graders compose!

Recorder Karate Idea and Resources

A music teacher Joan Martin Elementary school uses recorder karate in her classes.  To make it easy for students to find the required music she has it all on her website.  It appears that her students register for a google docs account and she gives them permission to view the music (Copyright issues would prohibit her from posting links to the music directly).

This is a great idea for you to think about in your classes as students can have access to what they need online at your website.

Do you use a website like this to communicate with your students? Has it been successful? 

Skip, Step, and Repeat with Candy Corn

The website has a downloadable worksheet that I’ve posted below.

Music Note Skip, Step and Repeat Candy Corn worksheet

While this uses skip, step, and repeat on candy corn, I might use this differently and extend it into another lesson using recorders.

  • I would put different examples of skip, step, and repeated notes on the board, all independently of each other.
  • Then, assign three neighbor pitches for the notes (BAG, etc…).
  • Allow the students to perform each candy corn on their recorder.
  • Allow the students to put the candy in a different orders and have other students listen guess which order they put the candy in.
  • You could always add a drone or other instrument accompaniment to fill this out.
  • At the end of all the playing around with the corn, I would pass out the worksheets and allow the students to complete the worksheet as written (for those of you who need written samples of student work to include in portfolios).

How would you use this in your classroom? Have you used something like this before? I think you could do this at any time of year and use different shapes or icons.

Recorder Resource

I have received numerous emails from teachers asking me to share my favorite recorder resources.  While I have many, this one sticks out as a clear winner.

Recorder Routes I – A Guide to Introducing Soprano Recorder in Orff Classes by Carol King.

You can get it at amazon (prime)

This book has great process lessons. It’s a wonderful resource.  If you click the link, you can look inside the book to get  a feel for the lessons. I have used about every song in this book. It’s wonderful!

Have you used this resource? If so, what is your favorite song? I love Who Has Seen the Wind. Do you use a different resource? Please share! 

Recorder Fingering Worksheet

Here’s a great recorder worksheet that I found on pinterest. You can get it by clicking here: The site has other recorder resources too!

Blank Recorder fingering chart worksheet

Do you use something similar? Do you think this is a good way to assess students?

Recorder Web Resources

Welcome Back! I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break and have returned to school rejuvenated and full of optimism for the rest of the school year.

The last couple of posts have been dedicated to recorder.  I wanted to pass on some additional  recorder resources available online for you. Do you have any resources that I’ve missed that you think would help the group? Please comment below!

Recorder Fingering Chart:

Recorder Resource:

Do you have any good websites for recorder resources?