Our Board

Presenting the Newly Elected Board for 2016-2017!

President:  Claudia Lusararian

President Elect:  Kristi English

Secretary:  Nieves Seoane

Treasurer:  Kristy Pagan

Palm Beach Liaison: Liese Connell


4 responses to “Our Board

  1. Mike Di Gregorio

    So cool to see that South Florida Orff has joined the “World-Wide-Weberverse”! Keep up the good work girls!!!

  2. Does anyone know of an Orff teacher around the West Palm Beach. I would like to contact someone in that area. I live in Hong Kong and am in North Carolina for Summer. I’m hoping to come to Wellington to work on an Orff project but need to borrow three xylophones for the day for a project. A BX, AX and AG. I realize this is a very strange request. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that someone will trust me. You can see my website in progress at mb2music.com
    Thank you very much, Marcia Barham (919.235.8365)

  3. Would you consider adding my blog to your blogroll, http://ofortunaorff.blogspot.com. Thanks for your consideration!

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